Here is the story outline for Olympus High:



Valerie Montogmery

Fabian Julius Ceasar
Patricia Audrey Flight
Alfie Jon McRearie
Jerome Kyle Traviesco
Mick Elliot Payne
Mara Demitria Kennedy
Amber Vanessa Spring
Victor Mr. Ferdinard
Trudy Marlita the Aura
Mr. Sweet Mr. Peach

Ivy Pine and Yvie Pine

Asher Luka

Mark Henley

Jett Black

Ziva Jules

Olive Woods

Poppy Tanaka

Villains (OC)

Mr. Smith

Ms. Swann

The Master

Joy Sophie Meester
Mr. Winkler Mr. Navarro
Mrs. Andrews Ms. James
Sarah Serena Jackson

Percy Jackson


Annabeth Jackson

Amgis X

Amy Valdez

Clark Grace

Alex Zhang


Amgis X (First Generation)Edit

  • First ever
  • Four members: Serena Jackson, Amy Valdez, Clark Grace and Alex Zhang
  • Secret member: Poppy Tanaka
  • They protect the powerful secrets their parents have kept


  • The Seeker
  • The Bracelet of Argos
  • The Cup of Power
  • Secret Goddess

Amgis (Second Generation)Edit

  • Found by Vanessa Spring
  • Original members: Vanessa Spring, Julius Ceasar, Valerie Montgomery and Audrey Flight
  • New members: Jon McRearie and Yvie Pine
  • They find the powerful secrets the first generation has been protecting and hides it from people who will try to abuse its powers


  • Tunnels of the Thief
  • Secret Passages under Camp
  • The Seeker


  1. Olympus School
  2. Olympus High School
  3. Olympus University
  4. Hall of Thrones
  5. Sigma House
  6. Mr. D's Arcade
  7. Love Dove's Mall
  8. Glass Central Room (OH)
  9. Biology Lab (OH)
  10. The Clearing (OS)
  11. Theatre (OH)
  12. Mr. Peach's Office (OH)


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